The product was designed to reduce the time, weight of the product and of the entire foundation and building, and in order to minimize the waste of products, including water in closures of any type of building being performed.

It is composed by two outer plates made with cement, plasticizer additive, sand and water welded onto steel wires meshed onto the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) block inside.

It generates an increased productivity when compared to clay or concrete bricks or even compared to steel and wood frame building systems. The EPS will dispose the need of usual insulation systems. It can be cut in any direction for plumbing and electrical installations and it is installed in a modular manner.

One 3’ x 3’ (91x91cm) wall block weighs only 43kg (94.6LB) and it has undergone several types of Lab Tests at the Engineering Institute LACTEC in Parana and UNISINOS in Rio Grande do Sul

The overall weight reduction is as follows:
Clay brick – weighs 180kg/m2 (396LB/m2 – 36.8LB/sqft)
Concrete brick – weighs 197kg/m2 (433LB/m2 – 40.3LB/sqft)
Speed Wall – weighs 65kg/m2 (143LB/m2 – 13.3LB/sqft)

The overall performance reduction is as follows:
Clay brick – worker lays 15m2 (161sqft) per day
Concrete brick – worker lays 8m2 (86sqft) per day
Speed Wall – worker lays 50m2 (538sqft) per day

With the weight reduction, the foundation costs are dramatically reduced as well, and with the speed of work being anywhere from 3.5 to 6.5 times faster, you can easily deliver more jobs throughout the year.

It saves 12 times more water than a regular construction basis and it generates an average of 16 times lower debris at job site when compared to bricks.

If you compare it with wood frame, the reduction of costs, is significant as it comes already insulated and it is waterproof, so you will never need to switch a board on the wall again.

Generate Speed on your construction and as a benefit, reduce your costs and become a sustainable builder with Speed Wall



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